Our cattle are sired by some of the most popular bulls in the industry, Hoff Tradition S C 456, Heartland, Blueprint,Hoff Galaxy S C 9147, Hoff Northlander S C 6029, Brost Power Drive, J 2 Texas Pine Drive 854, Hoff Valedictorian S C 19, Line 3 Ranger 8701, OSU Future Direction and Hoff First Edition.

Herd Health/Vaccination Program

Texas Beef Quality Producer Program # 9742

Cows - Prior to Calving


Ivomec Pour-On

At Weaning

Ivomec Pour-On

Heifer calves are calfhood
vaccinated at 8-12 months



TriVib 5L (Fort Dodge)

Ivomec Pour-On

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Every out-of-towner should view the site of hundreds of oil wells pumping. A ride west on Highway 114 can take you by a good view. A drive further into rich oil land will have you "gasping" at the curious critters slipping into their holes in the ground they call home. If you are coming in on Highway 114, you will see a Texas historic marker pointing you to the Spade Ranch. A working ranch since 1889, cowboys still work the cattle you see grazing nearly up to the road. Windmills are spotted throughout the land that offers a view of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! Other legendary ranches include The Mallet and the mighty XIT ranch lands. 

Mill Iron Diamond Cattle Company
Levelland, Texas 

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